What does AAHA accreditation really mean?

It's on the front page of our website, it's on our business cards, and it's on all our entrances... but what's up with that?

In January, we're up for our triennial AAHA evaluation (we've been accredited since 2004), and it got me thinking about why you should care that we are a proud AAHA-accredited hospital. I sort of wish AAHA did a little bit of a better job promoting themselves, because being an AAHA hospital really means something. I mean, look at the standards we have to meet:

Some of those are STACKS! Also, AAHA accreditation is totally voluntary- there's nothing forcing anyone to seek that out, aside from a really strong commitment to giving your pets the highest standard of care possible. The AAHA website does a really good job of explaining what accreditation entails, why it matters for your pet, and I do encourage you do take a look. Honestly, before I started working in veterinary medicine, I'd never heard of AAHA, and now? I wouldn't take my pets to a non-AAHA practice. Truly. When my parents' dog needed surgery a couple of years ago, I happened to be in town, and I made sure they scheduled his procedure at an accredited hospital, because I knew he would be well-looked-after. If you ever have to leave Smith Vet (and we will be sorry to see you go!), please use their little search widget (HERE) to fine an AAHA-accredited pet hospital near your new home.  Sorry about the lecture. Thanks for listening.


P.S. Nobody made me write this, I promise!